DEAL AGREED: Bengals very keen to secure last-minute trade before 2023 NFL deadline

The Cincinnati Bengals are off to a good start in the 2023 NFL season. With the trade deadline coming, the Bengals must make a move to increase their chances of making the playoffs. This article will go over the trade that the Bengals must complete before the 2023 NFL deadline.

So Far in the Cincinnati Bengals’ Season
So far this season, the Bengals are 4-3. They began the season by dropping three of their first four games. In Week 3, they defeated the Los Angeles Rams, 19-16. The Bengals, on the other hand, have been on a run since then. They’ve now won three games in a row. Cincy has defeated the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, and, most recently, the New York Jets in that timeframe.

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The Bengals have been led this season by quarterback Joe Burrow and wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase. Burrow and the Bengals picked up 136 yards and 14 scores on their first two drives in their most recent game against the 49ers, with no resistance. They eventually won the game 31-17. Burrow had 283 yards passing and three touchdowns, while Chase had 100 yards and one touchdown. Despite their 4-3 record, the Bengals have a history of recovering from weak beginnings. They had the same record at this stage last year before going on to win 10 straight games and advance to the AFC Championship Game.

In this article, we will examine the one last-minute deal that the Cincinnati Bengals must accomplish before the 2023 NFL deadline.

Exchange for a Running Back
The Bengals have won three straight games after defeating the 49ers in Santa Clara, bouncing back from a sluggish start for the second season in a row.

Due to a hamstring issue, the team had to place rookie running back Chase Brown on injured reserve. This will keep him out of the game for at least the next four games. However, keep in mind that the Bengals have games coming up against the Bills, Texans, and Ravens in the next month. They’re also 0-3 against AFC opponents.

As a result, it is critical that they attain at least a 2-1 record during this time.

Their number one objective should be to improve their running back situation. Joe Mixon remains successful, but they need another backfield option. Dalvin Cook, AJ Dillon, Rhamondre Stevenson, and possibly Derrick Henry are all possible possibilities for this role.

It’s worth thinking about which athletes might be unrealistic targets. Is there anyone they could target to offer the needed offensive lift for the rest of the season?

King Henry

We believe Henry is a viable target. While the Kevin Byard deal may not signal the start of a Tennessee Titans fire sale, the Bengals should look into acquiring their star running back. They have $12.6 million in cap space, which allows them to absorb a prorated amount of Henry’s $10.5 million base salary. The Bengals require Henry’s mix of power and breakaway speed.

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Quarterback Joe Burrow is also still healing from a calf injury, and the Bengals have a chance to make a great playoff run with a 4-3 record. Their running game, on the other hand, remains a severe concern, averaging only 3.5 yards per carry as of this writing. Henry’s acquisition has the ability to completely change the Bengals’ attack.

Again, Henry is the most readily accessible running back on the market. He’d add some physicality and explosiveness to their backfield.

Furthermore, Henry is nearing the end of his contract. The Bengals have an opportunity here. They may theoretically trade for Henry with their 2024 draft capital and obtain a compensatory pick in the 2025 NFL Draft if he signs elsewhere in free agency.

In the 2024 NFL Draft, the Bengals are expected to have nine picks, including two compensatory picks. Trading one of these picks for a top running back makes logical and has the potential to turn their biggest problem into a strength.

Rhamondre Stevenson is another option to consider. He is signed through the 2024 season. Stevenson is a strong and nimble backfield runner with good receiving ability.

To acquire Stevenson, the Bengals would most likely have to give up a third or fourth-round draft pick. They might also want the Patriots to include Hunter Henry in the deal. While Stevenson is hardly a superstar, he possesses the qualities the Bengals seek in a running back. The Patriots may be hesitant to move him due to his age, production, and contract. However, it is worthwhile for Cincinnati to investigate the potential of obtaining this former fourth-round pick.

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Looking Forward
The Cincinnati Bengals have reached a crossroads in the 2023 NFL season. They have a chance to capitalize on their recent victories and make a strong postseason push. The importance of acquiring a dynamic running back to complement Joe Mixon and fix their ground game deficit cannot be overstated. Derrick Henry and Rhamondre Stevenson are both intriguing options, with Henry’s availability and Stevenson’s versatility providing different advantages. The Bengals have a unique opportunity to secure their place as contenders with the resources and draft money at their disposal. The decision they make in this last-minute deal could define their season and their route to NFL success.


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