TRADE WRAP: Commanders make major front line signing as owner Josh Harris continue to reshape his team

Josh Harris is gradually reshaping the Washington Commanders’ management structure, which is benefiting Sam Howell’s squad on the field. On a nightly basis, Magic Johnson has gathered a raucous throng to cheer them on. Everything seemed to be going well in this new chapter of ownership. However, a season can never have too much good news. Eugene Shen provides a significant assist to Ron Rivera and his team.

Sam Howell - Washington Commanders Quarterback - ESPN

Josh Harris’ Commanders are receiving a seasoned Vice President of Football Analytics. Eugene Shen will be working alongside Ron Rivera to develop schematics for the Sam Howell-led team. Shen has worked with the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, and Jacksonville Jaguars in the past. According to ESPN’s Seth Walder, he had the same role with the Jaguars before leaving the league.

Who is Josh Harris? What Commanders fans should know about their soon-to-be  owner - The Athletic

Josh Harris appears to be covering all of the bases so that his Commanders can prosper. Magic Johnson is bringing in his star power. Given their strategies, the squad is also shaping out to be one of the scarier franchises to play against. The Commanders’ postseason ticket is still valid as of now. They have a three-win, four-loss record right now. The Philadelphia Eagles, one of the league’s Super Bowl contenders, are their next opponents. Will they be able to even their record and pull off an upset?


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