HUGE BLOW: Alan Myers share Doomsday verdict, possible punishment as premier league saga drag on.

Alan Myers has warned Everton fans not to worry too much about the outcome of their financial probe until the independent regulators make their final verdict.

The Sky Sports journalist calmed fears on his personal Twitter account, noting that the apocalypse scenario is always the most popular to discuss before making any decisions.

This follows a report in The Telegraph [25 October] claiming that the Premier League had sought a 12-point deduction as the maximum punishment if the club was proven guilty.

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On October 26, Myers reacted to a fan’s concern about the probable points deduction on Twitter, saying, “As I always say Paul, I would wait until the official announcement from the independent commission.”

“The doomsday scenario is always the most attractive one to talk about before these things happen in reality, let’s see.”

While the news that broke and rattled Goodison Park yesterday was unsettling, it was also the worst-case scenario. Even in the article, a 12-point deduction was suggested as the maximum punishment.

Everton will likely avoid such a heavy punishment, assuming they are found guilty, given the club has maintained its belief that they are not guilty of any wrongdoing in respect to the Financial Fair Play breaches being probed.


While a monetary or point-based punishment may be imposed, the 12-point penalty is a doomsday scenario that certainly garners more attention than declaring the independent regulator’s final decision may not be that the club is guilty at all.

As Myers has suggested, fans should wait for the official decision before losing their minds or having a nervous breakdown.


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