GOOD DEAL: Detroit Piston are set to Finalize a deal for Rocket Small forward, Shooting guard before the regular season begins

We are in the final week before the start of the regular season, and the Detroit Pistons are preparing for a competitive season.

There are some impediments to the Pistons’ stated goal of being competitive in all 82 games, one of which being the makeup and quality of their squad.

Detroit has too many big men and guards and not enough wings and forwards, as we’ve addressed numerous times this offseason. With a roster position still free, we’ve been waiting for Troy Weaver to make another move before the season begins, or at the very least before the trade deadline.

As contending clubs scout Bojan Bogdanovic, Alec Burks, and Joe Harris as useful veteran shooters, we can expect to hear Detroit’s name mentioned.

NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets Expected To Trade Victor Oladipo

That action may have already begun. In return for Victor Oladipo and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, the Rockets were able to deal Kevin Porter Jr. and two second-round selections to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Given KPJ’s history, the Thunder’s move is somewhat cynical, but hey, if you can throw your ethics out the window for two second-round picks, why not?

This transaction sparked a flurry of trade speculations, one of which featured the Detroit Pistons.

Detroit Pistons in trade talks involving Alec Burks and Victor Oladipo

According to Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports, the Detroit Pistons discussed Alec Burks and Victor Oladipo with the Houston Rockets.

Detroit Pistons agree to record deal with Monty Williams to be new head  coach, per reports | CNN
There were no specifics provided, but it appears that the Rockets would have to include a sweetener, given Oladipo is constantly injured and is coming off another surgery, while Alec Burks is one of the NBA’s more consistent bench shooters.

These discussions were most likely exploratory, since the Rockets intend to make a push for the playoffs this season and might benefit from more veteran depth and shooting. Even if Oladipo were healthy (a big IF), he’s not much of a shooter, and Burks has been significantly more consistent in the past.

There would have to be more to any such trade for Detroit to make it worthwhile, however Burks might be on the move if Monty Williams views Killian Hayes and Marcus Sasser as potential members of his rotation.


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