HUGE ADDITION: The roles Ibrahimovic could consider at Milan as talks with Paolo Scaroni and Milan management continues

In an unexpected turn of events, the build-up to AC Milan’s Champions League opening against Newcastle United was dominated by Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s presence.

Ibrahimovic was at Milanello the day before the game, met Gerry Cardinale on the morning of the game, and then watched the 0-0 tie at San Siro alongside CEO Giorgio Furlani, which clearly triggered solid speculations about a return.

According to, after his contract as a player expired naturally at the end of last year, the Milan management – through Furlani – unsuccessfully offered him a post as team manager.

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The Swede turned it down at the moment because he hadn’t determined what he wanted to accomplish with his life. Today’s position is no different, but new chats, first with Furlani at Milanello and then with Cardinale in a well-known Milan hotel, indicate that things may be changing.

The post of team manager, who functions as a liaison between the squad and higher management, was filled over the summer and doesn’t excite Ibrahimovic in any case.

Pioli’s deputy job is currently unavailable because the 41-year-old would need to finish coaching courses in order to earn his license and sit on the bench. Working as a director with Moncada and D’Ottavio is the same.

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Instead, as Pavel Nedved did first at Juve and subsequently at Inter, holding the role of vice-president, albeit without a representative status on the board of directors, is a viable option.

Finally, there is the option of joining Pioli’s team, but with a job to be determined, something in the range of mental coach and motivator. There are numerous hypotheses and prospects floating around with the same end objective in mind: getting Ibrahimovic back into the club.

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