Huge Disappointment: After a lacklustre performance on Monday night, the irate boss demands more from the team.

Burnley won a draw Thursday night against Nottingham Forest, and both coaches were pleased with how their teams played.

“I thought we were good in the first phase of the game, I thought we played some good football and I thought we got into some really good positions,” Forest manager Steve Cooper remarked following the game. We did not fully utilise the positions we were in. I believed there was a genuine chance to interfere with Burnley’s goal and go above and beyond what we did. I thought the setup and positioning were strong, but in the Premier League, you want to pose more of a danger than what we did.

Burnley and Nottingham Forest drew on Thursday night, and both coaches thought their teams played well.

Following the game, Forest manager Steve Cooper said, “I thought we were good in the first phase of the game, I thought we played some good football and I thought we got into some really good positions.” We did not use our positions to their maximum potential. I thought there was a real possibility to obstruct Burnley’s goal and do more than what we did. Although I believed the setup and positioning were sound, you want to provide more of a threat than what we did in the Premier League.

The following game, in my opinion, was a bit stop-start, with both teams vying for victory. For my tastes, the game expanded up a little bit too much. We want to win games here; we have won games here, but this is a Premier League game, and we know that the opposition can play terrific football and have players who can make a difference. We don’t get anything from games like that, maybe at times last year. We wanted to win the game, but we will accept a point instead.

After the game, Vincent Kompany, who managed his team to their first point in the Premier competition, said: “We have to battle for every point in this competition, and I believe tonight we really achieved that. “Our squad has made so much improvement already, and there’s so much more to come from these guys and you could see that tonight,” the coach said. “It was a pretty even match, and depending on which side of the fence you are situated, there’s a dispute on whether side deserved the three points. You can see it every day, but the work is ongoing on the practise pitch. We should have made more progress by Saturday, hopefully.

Burnley’s goal was scored by Zeki Amdouni, and Kompany said: “To be quite honest, I wasn’t shocked. It’s typical; it’s what he practises and has in his locker. Zeki is one of those players who can receive the ball under duress and escape challenging circumstances, opening up the game as he exits, which is essential in this competition.

He stated diplomatically: “I have a footballing brain and a business degree brain, but when it comes to rules and regulations of the law, there’s not much I can say to be honest. I was clearly dissatisfied with the decision making last night, especially our disallowed goal. I’ve decided not to dwell on it too much because it’s already been completed and I trust the VAR to know what they’re doing.

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