ABSOLUTE BOOMERANG: As impatient player sustains and injury on debut after forcing Brentford exit.

Sergi Canós’ long, drawn-out, and largely tedious transfer from Brentford to Valencia will be well known to you if you were with us for the whole of the summer transfer window.

We anticipated that after the trade was completed and everything was signed, it would be the last we would hear of the player, but today’s news from Mundo Deportivo suggests otherwise.

According to the newspaper, Canós’ ‘dream debut’ as a starter for Valencia last Saturday against Atletico Madrid was described as a success.

For a player who was raised supporting Valencia, that was a big moment, and it became much better when he contributed significantly to the game’s first goal, which led to a 3-0 victory.

The former Brentford player was finally experiencing what he had been hoping for all summer, but it soon came to an abrupt end when he felt a twinge, and testing revealed that he had injured his hamstring.

That’s going to hold him out of the match against Almeria, at least, but if things don’t work out, he might sit out for a longer period of time.

It’s a significant setback for the winger, who pushed for a transfer from Brentford to Valencia all summer, eventually got it, and is now being denied the chance to make an early impression.

It’s frustrating, especially for those of us who had assumed they had heard the last of Canós for a time. Hopefully, he hasn’t experienced anything too severe.


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