HUGE BOOST: Exciting news as absolute baller ”assist king” is named in squad.

Before the international break, Tavernier returned from a knee injury to come off the bench and assist away at Brentford.

During the international break, the 24-year-old then increased his level of fitness by playing 45 minutes for the development team. He is now regarded fit enough to be selected from the beginning when Chelsea visits this weekend.

When asked by the Daily Echo how happy he is to have Tavernier back, head coach Iraola responded, “I think Marcus has to be a very key player for us.

In our initial training sessions with him, he was excellent.

“He had bad luck. We have been waiting for him despite his knock and knee issue.

Two different hamstring problems hindered Tavernier’s first season with the Cherries.

Tavernier is keen to put his injury problems in the past and restore his starting position.

When asked if maintaining him in shape now was important, Iraola responded, “I assume he has had past problems, especially to the hamstring muscles.

“This preseason issue he faced wasn’t about his muscle.

He is performing his duties. In an effort to prevent these muscle injuries, he works out in the gym.

He simply had bad luck. He twisted his knee after colliding with a teammate, and we hope we had a strategy with some of the players who have previously suffered from muscular issues.

Justin (Kluivert) was also present. They are doing their all they can and we are hopeful they don’t have these kind of challenges again.”

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