HUGE SURPRISE: Sunderland Fans reacts to huge update on Tony Mowbray contract amid latest development

The news of Tony Mowbray’s contract this morning sparked immediate reactions from Sunderland supporters on social media.

The Echo understands that Mowbray initially accepted to a two-year contract, but that he has since been extended through the conclusion of the following season. The head coach will be employed through the completion of the 2024–25 campaign.
Kristjaan Speakman insists that there is “no uncertainty” regarding his head coach’s future. Mowbray succeeded Alex Neil little over a year ago and has established himself as a very popular figure with both players and supporters.

Here, however, we look at what Sunderland supporters are tweeting about the Mowbray contract news:

Tony Mowbray explains the big decision that led to him taking on a new  challenge at Sunderland - Chronicle Live

I concur, Malcolm Hewitt said in response. He has done a great job managing things for us. He connects and communicates well with the athletes and the audience.

Fantastic news—he is an accomplished, seasoned manager with this degree of expertise, John Armstrong continued. It is understandable why he is revered in Boro and Blackburn. Hats off to you Mogga!!”
Good news, remarked Lin Ward. I appreciate the stability he adds. Even if I don’t always agree with his decisions, they seem to be working.

John Teasdale responded, “Not before time best one we have had in years,” while DK O’Hara added, “He’s done a terrific job so far. Our crew is youthful and dynamic. Goodly merited.

Allan Davis tweeted: “Excellent news. Richard Patterson continued, “Good news, he deserves it and for once we have some stability. He has done a fantastic job under very trying conditions at times.

Stephen Goldsmith, a podcaster for Wise Men Say, said: “Excellent news. I think he and his team did a fantastic job.

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