Mansfield Town Academy head coach Richard Cooper responses to Valliant UK, laptops Donation to Academy players

The Mansfield Town Academy would like to express its appreciation to Valliant UK for their kind donation of 10 laptops, which will help players with their academic endeavors.

The kind gift from Valliant UK, one of the top producers of boilers, heat pumps, and heating systems, will allow students under the age of 18 to use cutting-edge technology when completing work-based assignments and conducting analyses of their individual and team performance.

Head of education Tom Chapman stated, “It’s excellent to have partnered with Valliant who have graciously contributed 10 computers to the Academy.

Players will be able to complete compulsory BTEC and SEP work, as well as appropriate research and analytical activities depending on individual and team performance, thanks to the equipment.

“With this goal in mind, a solid education will give our players a backup plan and a variety of opportunities for the future. We are always striving to give the best education possible to all of our players and help fulfil their potential, along with their football development to aid them in their future.

“We cannot thank Valliant enough for this donation,” he continued.

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