NFL REPORT: Shocking Steelers’ Mike Tomlin Story Involving Refs Highlights Major NFL problem – I Fear for Mike Tomlin Future at Steeler

Most sports fans have found officiating to be a major source of frustration. Whether it’s the NBA, Soccer, or MLB, some calls don’t sit well with today’s devoted fans of these leagues. Roger Goodell and the NFL are no exceptions. On a nightly basis, the league has seen questionable calls and numerous missed whistles. Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers expressed worry about NFL officiating. However, he did not receive the expected answer.
The NFL made numerous modifications to game officiating in 2022. It assisted Roger Goodell’s league in expediting the process of reviewing calls and ensuring their accuracy. It also had the advantage of being speedier than the majority of league officials. It was dubbed the NFL’s replay assist, and it was clearly visible during the first few runs.

Cameras Caught Steelers' Mike Tomlin Cursing Out Refs While Asking Them a  Simple Question - Sports Illustrated

Mike Tomlin eventually became dissatisfied with the decisions made, as did other NFL executives. He barged in and asked the officials a critical question, to which he did not receive a substantive response, according to Kalyn Kahler of The Athletic.

“As one crew member recalls, Tomlin asked who in the league office was responsible for answering his questions about officiating decisions and who made the final decisions on replay reviews. “I have no idea,” the official informed Tomlin that day. I can’t tell you who the boss is or isn’t. “It’s been so secretive, and they’re just not very forthcoming,” they stated of the Steelers’ head coach.


Roger Goodell and the NFL did not have someone in a room within the league office who Mike Tomlin could speak with. Instead, the NFL’s replay assistance was outsourced to individuals in New York. They were reviewing the footage at the time of the incident. As a result, the Steelers’ head coach had no one to turn to for clarification on the decisions made during his games. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of league money.

I'm re-watching the Steelers game and Tomlin is either on the field or at  the line the ENTIRE game so far, including several other Steelers coaches.  See that foot on the field?

Steelers’ head coach uncovers a symptom of a much broader problem in the NFL.
Tomlin apparently does not know because the other referees are either barred from discussing the problem or have no idea who is in charge. The NFL does have an improvement plan in place to address a major issue. The NFL Referee Association, the union representing their officials, is underfunded. Scott Green, a former league official, graphically described the challenges they were confronting.

“The officiating department is completely underfunded and understaffed.” We have a clinic scheduled for the first week of June, and we still don’t know who will be in charge. We change every two to three years. They’ve left by the third year, when the guy’s vision should have begun to take shape. “They’re not paying enough attention upstairs to what it takes to run an officiating department,” Green stated.


Better officiating in Steelers games and a better experience for the rest of the NFL is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, the league is able to do that.



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