NEWS UPDATE: NFL insider reveals details of Arthur Smith future with the Falcons amid fans desperate call over poor performance

Arthur Smith bears a large portion of the blame for the Falcons’ underwhelming performance thus far this season.

The head coach of Atlanta is to blame for the inconsistent quarterback play. With his selection, he selected a veteran with a low ceiling and a third-round pick. The outcomes are self-evident.

Smith has experienced some difficulties with play designs and calls, which has led some fans to demand that he be fired. For a number of reasons, I most definitely don’t feel the same.

First and foremost, while I understand that Smith is partly to blame for the quarterback play’s inconsistent performance, head coaches’ job security still needs to be taken into account. Second, with a 2-0 division record and half of the season remaining, the Falcons are in complete control of their future.

Arthur Smith hasn't earned the right to make the media the Falcons enemy

Furthermore, Arthur Blank isn’t the kind of boss who fires employees without cause. Falcons supporters ought to have taken note of what happened under Mike Smith and Dan Quinn. In fact, Blank clings on for far too long.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano offered his thoughts on the matter and raised an intriguing point regarding the results of the second half of the season.

Regarding Arthur Smith possibly being under investigation, Graziano stated, “I’d imagine owner Arthur Blank would at least want some answers if the Falcons were to nose-dive and Arthur Smith were to continue his stubborn refusal to play the high draft picks given to him on offense.”

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A firing would have to be evident in the event that the Falcons collapsed and Atlanta’s top draft picks were reduced to supporting roles. This would require a particularly dramatic decline and egregious use of Bijan Robinson, Kyle Pitts, and Drake London. I don’t believe that will occur.



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