JUST IN:Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski names quarterback better than Lamar Jackson ahead of AFC North showdown

The Ravens vs. Browns game has gained a little bit of intrigue.

Before the Browns’ Week 10 match up with the AFC North rival Baltimore Ravens, defensive end Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns has fanned the flames a little bit.

How close is Myles Garrett to the Browns' single-season sack record? It  depends - cleveland.com

One of the best defensive players in the league, Garrett, has stated publicly that he believes Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow to be superior to Lamar Jackson of the Ravens.

Burrow and Jackson are regarded as two of the NFL’s best quarterbacks, and they face the difficult challenge of avoiding Garrett twice a year.

Though he believes that “few people in the league” can match Burrow’s ability, the Browns star is excited to play Jackson this weekend.

one of those guys who, in good health, can make you feel amazing every night.

“Lamar does it in a completely different way. He can beat you in a few different ways, and even if his throwing is off that particular night, he can still rush for 150 yards and three touchdowns.

Ravens demolish red-hot Lions thanks to Lamar Jackson's big game | Fox News

“But Joe can light you up for 400 yards and few people can do that in the league other than Joe.”

Jackson’s four career sacks by Garrett were brought up, to which the Browns star retorted, “Only four?

“I’m taking down Lamar, and I’ll take Joe right now in terms of who has the nod over the other.”

This Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium, when his 7-2 Ravens take on the 5-3 Browns, Jackson hopes to make his mark on the field.

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