JUST IN: Falcons head Coach Arthur Smith makes a brutal and drastic change with two – word message to players amid losing streak


The This has led to criticism of coach Arthur Smith, who had a strong 3-0 start, have now lost two straight games, most recently 31-28 to the Minnesota Vikings. This has led to criticism of coach Arthur Smith. The team is now 4-5 overall. The most vocal critic of Smith and his offense in particular lately has been Super Bowl-winning quarterback Kurt Warner, who discussed the issues he saw with the Falcons’ passing game in a video he posted to Twitter after the team’s loss to the Tennessee Titans.
Atlanta Falcons Coach Arthur Smith Fires Back At Kurt Warner Criticism: 'I  Could Give A Rat's ...' - Men's Journal | The NFL Life

The video, the Falcons’ decline in offensive output, and Smith’s possibly caustic reaction to Warner’s remarks are all combined, and it appears that change is necessary for Atlanta to get better. Smith changed, possibly keeping that in mind. It’s not football-related, but it will be apparent because he opted to shave his mustache after Sunday’s defeat.

Smith said on Monday, “I kind of regret it already,” regarding his choice to shave off his mustache at 3:45 in the morning.

Arthur Smith fires back at Kurt Warner's criticism of Falcons' offense

It’s unclear if the choice to shave stemmed from frustration over the defeat or maybe from a superstitious belief that the team would regain its “mojo” after a difficult few weeks. The Falcons could, however, use some fresh “mojo,” as they have only prevailed in one of their previous four games, all of which were decided by a single touchdown.

When the Falcons visit State Farm Stadium on Sunday to play the 1-8 Arizona Cardinals, they will be looking to snap their losing streak. The game will kick off inside State Farm Stadium at 4:05 p.m.

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