JUST IN: Big Ten coach sends clear message to Jim Harbaugh

Given his comments against Michigan earlier this week, many wondered how Purdue head coach Ryan Walters would respond to Jim Harbaugh following the Boilermakers’ game over the Wolverines on Saturday.

And Walters did not disappoint, snubbing Harbaugh with a flyover handshake after Michigan’s 41-13 victory at Michigan Stadium.
Walters’ rejection of Harbaugh’s handshake comes amid an ongoing investigation into the Wolverines’ alleged sign-stealing issue. As the Wolverines were coming off a bye week, Saturday marked Michigan’s first game since many of the specifics of the alleged sign-stealing plan were made public.’

Purdue football officially completes coaching staff

On Thursday’s episode of his weekly radio show, Walters addressed his future opponent’s ongoing scandal. In doing so, he revealed that his squad had adjusted many of its signals after learning that Michigan had unlawfully scouted the Boilermakers earlier this season in person.

“It’s unfortunate and what’s crazy is there weren’t allegations,” he remarked. “It occurred. And there’s video proof, ticket purchases and sales that can be traced back, and we know they were at a number of our games, so we’ve had to teach our men a new language in terms of some signals, and we’ll operate differently offensively. For the first time this season, you might see us huddle.”

Michigan football sign stealer Connor Stalions releases statement

Purdue received security footage of someone monitoring the opposing sideline at Ross-Ade Stadium in seats purchased by Wolverines recruiting staffer Connor Stalions, according to Yahoo Sports’ Ross Dellenger on Friday. Stallion, who resigned on Friday amid the ongoing issue, allegedly bought tickets to six Purdue games over the last two seasons.

When asked about the handshake after the game, Harbaugh dismissed it as a “typical postgame handshake,” according to The Wolverine’s Clayton Sayfie.

The third-ranked Wolverines improved to 9-0 overall and 6-0 in Big Ten play with the victory against the Boilermakers. Michigan returns to action on Saturday against No. 11 Penn State.


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