BREAKING NEWS: NFL world shocking reaction to Rams made call after trade deadline

The Los Angeles Rams did not make a trade before the NFL’s trade deadline on Tuesday. It was strange given how busy the Rams have been at the trade deadline in the past. Even though the Rams were largely out of contention last season, they made a run for both Christian McCaffrey and Brian Burns. The Rams didn’t seem to be in many conversations this season, despite being only one game out of the NFC playoff picture.

According to Jourdan Rodrigue of The Athletic, the Rams did receive calls on players but chose not to make a move.

It’s difficult to see the Rams remain pat while the San Francisco 49ers trade a third-round pick for an edge rusher like Chase Young. This is especially true given the Rams’ need for an edge rusher.

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It was never a surprise that the Rams did not make a trade before the deadline. As we said before the trade deadline, Snead and company were unlikely to make a move. In a press conference, McVay noted, “You kind of have to have some resources and different things like that for those to be options.”

The Rams did not have those resources at the time. Moving forward, the Rams will need young, affordable talent to help fill out the roster and, maybe, get some major contributors. That’s exactly what they accomplished this offseason when they selected Byron Young, Kobie Turner, and Puka Nacua late on day two and day three of the NFL Draft.

Based on anything the Rams have done since March, they haven’t made a single move that suggests they are invested in this season. In reality, the majority of their decisions have been undertaken with 2024 in mind. This is why they dealt Jalen Ramsey and released Leonard Floyd and Bobby Wagner. These movements were undertaken in order to free up cap space for

The strategy for the new year was straightforward. Concentrate on 2024 and 2025 while allowing whatever happens in 2023 to happen. There were no preconceived notions. That doesn’t mean they were or are tanking, but rather that this season is insignificant in the great scheme of things.

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While it was challenging, the Rams committed to their plan of signing two to three major free agents this summer and then stockpiling on young, cheap talent in the draft. Yes, they did trade for Jalen Ramsey in 2019 during a non-competitive season. From a team-building standpoint, the Rams of 2019 and the Rams of today are not in the same league.

In terms of remaining silent at the trade deadline, there was little reason to give up a high Day 2 selection and then pay that player when only one of those options was available. The Rams may have made a trade for Chase Young. However, instead of paying a third-round pick about $800K, that would have been increased to around $20M, as it is projected to be Young’s average contract as a free agency this summer.

The Rams should not have traded for Chase Young or any edge player for the same reasons that the Chicago Bears should not have moved for Montez Sweat. They simply weren’t in a position, team-building-wise, to make that kind of decision.

The worst thing the Rams could have done before the deadline was to give up future assets for short-term enjoyment. There was no reason to give up a first-round pick in 2024 for Brian Burns or Jaylon Johnson. The Rams will have a lot of picks again in 2024, but the most of them will come on day three, in rounds six and seven. They needed to protect their most valuable assets, which were their top draft picks.

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The Rams can do both by waiting. Free agents include Brian Burns, Josh Uche, Josh Allen, Chase Young, and others. That doesn’t guarantee they’ll all be available, but it’s a potentially strong free agent class at the edge rusher position. There was no compelling reason to give up future assets when those assets would be used as the Rams continue to build their team with 2024 and 2025 in mind. They can then use a third-round pick to bring in cheap talent who can contribute as a rookie in the same way that Young and Turner have this season.

It’s difficult to accept seeing the Rams do nothing while the 49ers make moves to get over the hump. Both teams, however, are at different locations. It was not an easy decision not to make a deal at the deadline, but given the Rams’ current trajectory and the larger plan, it was the correct one.


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