JUST IN: Ex-Celtics forward brutal message to Celtics management and his old team mate

Aaron Nesmith has targeted the Boston Celtics. The fourth-year wing posted a graphic to his Instagram Story, blaming the Celtics for including him in the trade for Malcolm Brogdon. Brogdon was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers this summer after only one season with the team. Nonetheless, Nesmith has began to flourish with the Indiana Pacers. The three-and-D wing just received a three-year contract deal worth $33 million.

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Since joining the Pacers, Nesmith has progressed. He’s earned meaningful playing time for Rick Carlisle’s club without Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown in front of him. Nesmith is developing his two-way ability into a genuine skill set. He’s not only making his perimeter shots, but he’s also consistently driving to the basket.

The Vanderbilt product has grown in size over the summer. His handle appears to be tighter, and he is finding success around the cup. Nesmith is also an excellent defender who gives his all on every defensive possession. Pacers fans should be enthusiastic about what Nesmith can provide to the team now that he has a new deal and an ever-improving skill set.

Nesmith’s tenure in Boston was not cut short because he lacked talent. He was competing for minutes with seasoned veterans while trailing two All-NBA players. Boston was vying for the championship. Nesmith needed developing minutes. Neither side was happy with the fit. Indiana could provide Nesmith with the playing time he needed. In exchange, he’s developing into a true NBA talent who can make an impact on both sides of the court.

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Brogdon was acquired by the Celtics in exchange for Nesmith. They also made certain that Nesmith was placed in a situation that met his needs. However, according to the forward’s Instagram Story, he is still upset about how things went down. If Nesmith was still with the Celtics, he’d be buried on the bench with no chance of getting a new contract. Everything worked out perfectly.

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