HUGE SIGNING: Milan are now on the verge of sensational Ibrahimovic’s return – the possible role identified

The possibility of Zlatan Ibrahimovic returning to AC Milan in some capacity is still being discussed, with a variety of different potential roles being considered.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Ibrahimovic arrived at Milanello after the horrors of the derby and on the eve of the first Champions League match against Newcastle to demonstrate that he is still close to the squad and wants to help in any way he can.

There had been rumors (more fan-fueled speculation) about Ibrahimovic returning to Milan after retiring all summer, but these were fueled significantly when he met Gerry Cardinale for the first time in a Milanese hotel on the day of the Newcastle game.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic to be offered a boardroom role at AC Milan

Face-to-face meetings cannot be classified as simple courtesy meetings, which are normally held in the stadium rather than in a private room away from the cameras.

The meeting with RedBird’s number one was then followed by another (at least one) with CEO Giorgio Furlani, and the agenda of these appointments was clear to everyone at that point: to evaluate if there is a role for Zlatan together – the club and Zlatan.

Milan is grateful to Ibra for his assistance in recent years, and Ibra is grateful to Milan for providing him with a second youth in football. While the team is in a difficult situation, the idea of having his presence around the squad becomes appealing once more.

According to the report, Milan’s communication with Zlatan has gradually changed in recent weeks. In practice, we’ve gone from that ‘courtesy greeting’ with Cardinale on September 19 to an increasingly clear admission about a possible return to the Rossoneri.

Cardinale then publicly confirmed everything: “Zlatan could be extremely effective, both as an advisor to me and as a leadership spirit for the entire team.” It is up to him. But we’re talking about it, and I really like it; I think there are a lot of benefits for us.”

CorSport: Cardinale wants Ibrahimovic to have a role at Milan and Pioli approves

Ibrahimovic is thinking clearly: if he can help the club that has given him so much, he will gladly do so, but he must.

In this regard, Ibra addressed his future earlier this month on the Trento Sports Festival stage, saying, “I’m taking time to understand what to do.” If I enter something, I want to make a difference while remaining true to myself.

“Let’s see what happens, and then do something.” We’re speaking with Milan; let’s see where things go; it’s time to get to know each other. If you can bring something, it makes a difference; otherwise, it doesn’t.”

Even in this case, there is no ambiguity. He will not be a simple ambassador, which is why it’s natural to think of him back at Milanello, just like that day in September when he naturally settled on the sidelines, next to Pioli, to watch the game.

It’s more difficult to imagine him on Pioli’s staff, but it’s easier to imagine him as club manager, a figure who acts as a glue between the dressing room and the club, so he has the authority to interact with both the team and the management.

The discussion between Milan and Zlatan is likely to revolve around that role – perhaps only that one – as well as the precise definition of his role, what he can and cannot do.

It is necessary to align two distinct and primary needs: Zlatan’s ego and his desire to lend a concrete hand, and the owners’ desire to ensure that Zlatan’s ego does not overflow.

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