BREAKING NEWS: Matthew Stafford’s wife sends brutal message to LA RAMS board amid moment she witnessed at Los Angeles Rams games

Kelly Stafford has witnessed some memorable moments at husband Matthew Stafford’s Los Angeles Rams games over the last few seasons.

She didn’t like what she saw on Sunday.

Kelly Stafford vented her rage and frustration on her The Morning After podcast this week about the behavior she and several young family members witnessed in rapper Blueface’s suite at SoFi Stadium during the Rams’ game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Earlier this week, several outlets reported that the LA rapper had turned his suite into a virtual strip club, with scantily clad women dancing around while Blueface threw cash at them.

“This is our game-day experience.” Stafford stated on her podcast (as reported by the Los Angeles Times).

“What irritates me is that going to a football game is supposed to be a family experience.” Children were in the suites next to them. Adults will not bring their children to games if this type of behavior occurs.”

Following complaints, the Rams dispatched security to Blueface’s suite.

According to a Rams representative, such behavior is not tolerated at the club.

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To make matters worse, Blueface shared a video of the scene in his suite on Instagram, where Stafford’s children and nephews saw it.

“My older nephews are on Instagram. They were at the game and exclaimed, ‘Oh, my gosh. Take a look at what’s going on here.’ “They discovered it,” Stafford said. “And my daughters are right there with them.” ‘Mommy, there’s a lot of butts here,’ they said. I ask, ‘Butts? ‘What are you on about?’ Then I got it, and I was like, ‘Oh!’

“My daughters witnessed this. Not OK! It’s also not acceptable that my nephews witnessed it.”

“”It’s just a little let down. It makes me not want to take my kids to the game because I’m always wondering, “What’s going to happen next?”



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