BREAKING NEWS: Fans rail on recently sacked Boston Celtics supermax star for disasterclass

After signing a $304 million super-max contract with the Boston Celtics, fans are eager to see if Jaylen Brown improved his game during the offseason after going missing during the Eastern Conference Finals series against the Miami Heat in May.

Did Jaylen Brown silence his detractors?
Did Jaylen Brown silence the haters and prove to everyone that he deserves the supermax contract in his first game of the season?

No, his first game against the Knicks was a disasterclass.

NBA Scout, Coach Detail Where Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown Can Improve

Jaylen Brown’s fourth-quarter collapse nearly cost the Knicks a comeback against the Celtics. Brown had a terrible pass that resulted to a Julius Randle three, an inbound ball that was stolen, and then fouling Quentin Grimes on a made-three in a 30-second stretch.

Brown finished with 11 points on 4/11 shooting from the field and 0/4 from behind the arc.

Following the game, most fans began to vent their rage on social media.

A supporter sent the following message: “I am trying to have patience with Jaylen Brown but how are we still having all of these mistakes in costly moments this far into his career It’s just so beyond inexcusable at this point” .

Another fan wondered if Jaylen Brown worked on his game throughout the offseason.

“Porzingis looking elite but Jaylen Brown definitely didn’t work on anything this offseason,” a member of the public wrote.

Celtics defeat Knicks in season opener behind Jayson Tatum, Kristaps  Porzingis

Boston Celtics supporters, it’s only one game.
Because this is the first game of the season, fans will overreact to Brown’s remarkable off-night. It would have been wonderful for Brown to come out strong and demonstrate why he was paid the super-max contract. But that is not what we have.

There is a new offense with various team additions, so everyone is attempting to figure out when the best time to attack is. It used to be the Jayson Tatum/Brown show, but the acquisition of Kristaps Prozingis adds a new twist to the mix.

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