GOOD ADDITION FOR THE CELTICS: Celtics with another amazing signing of former NBA point guard all star

This offseason, the Boston Celtics not only bolstered their roster, but also their coaching staff, bringing in a completely new group before Opening Night.

This brings up a number of possibilities.

For starters, the Celtics can re-establish their culture, which is one of Boston head coach Joe Mazzulla’s top concerns. Unlike last season, when Mazzulla was thrust into the spotlight as a last-minute in-house promotion, the now-second-year head coach had the benefit of getting to know his supporting staff over the course of a summer, giving him a good start in developing camaraderie.

“I think just creating that environment of that tribal leadership, that togetherness, that ownership, it’s something that I’m really excited to do and our staff has done a great job, like, this offseason,” Mazzulla said on the team’s media day. “We came into this offseason wanting to build an environment of work ethic, an environment of teaching and developing, and I thought our staff and our players really springboarded that environment.”

The advantages of hiring Cassell, who played only one season with the Celtics but was a member of Boston’s previous NBA Finals-winning run in 2008, likely extend beyond simply filling an empty coaching staffer’s position.

With that stated, here are three Celtics who could benefit from Cassell’s presence:

Payton Pritchard is third.
Payton Pritchard, who is entering a year of atonement, still has a lot to prove.

Payton Pritchard admitted he was 'hoping' for a trade prior to deadline

Last season, the tiny guard was put through the ringer, battling for playing time while averaging a career-low 13.4 minutes per night. Pritchard faced an evident mental obstacle as a result of his position on Boston’s depth chart, behind Marcus Smart, Derrick White, and Malcolm Brogdon.

With two of those names gone and a four-year, $30 million contract, Pritchard now has the attention he’s been looking for. The 25-year-old wasn’t committed to Boston, which is understandable, but the Celtics made it obvious that they believe in Pritchard.

So, where does Cassell fit into this?

Cassell, like Pritchard, played in the NBA for 15 seasons as a blue-collar workhorse guard. Being a longstanding veteran brings with it a degree of expertise and advice that Cassell, a renowned former player, can confer on Pritchard in the midst of a big year.

Joe Mazzulla is number two.
Mazzulla’s first head coaching job was rightfully handled by the Celtics during the offseason.

Mazzulla 'Grateful' After Being Named Full-Time Head Coach |
Mazzulla’s inexperience as a head coach dogged the Celtics at various moments, particularly during the semifinals. Mazzulla didn’t have a fantastic first year, whether it was a lack of playing White in crucial situations or an inability to adjust in the Eastern Conference finals.

The Celtics were lethargic in the end, failing to capitalize on the red carpet ride to the NBA Finals.

Having a playable voice, like Ime Udoka and Damon Stoudamire, would go a long way, especially in high-intensity moments. That cannot be overstated, especially with a deep, star-studded squad assembled not just to compete, but also to win.

Jayson Tatum is the first.
Jayson Tatum, the most essential of the lot, is the only leader in Boston’s 2023-24 win-or-bust season, especially with the team’s present lineup.

Jayson Tatum ready to confront championship expectations
Tatum has a basketball voice in Cassell who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Cassell was an All-Star and was a member of three championship teams.

Tatum’s potential is undeniably undeniable. Tatum was considered for MVP for the majority of the 74 games he played last season. The scoring was there, with a career-high 30.1 points per game and essentially guiding one of the league’s most talented offenses.

The actual obstacle, which includes Boston’s biggest hump, is finishing the job. Boston’s excuse jar for an early postseason exit has run dry. Meanwhile, The bar for Tatum is understandably high, but relying on a resource like Cassell should not be taken for granted by the 25-year-old.

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