BREAKING NEWS: Mbappe’s mother Fayza Lamari, reveals son desire amid AC Milan transfer interest

Kylian Mbappe’s mother, Fayza Lamari, discussed his early devotion for Milan ahead of their Champions League meeting with Paris Saint-Germain.

The 24-year-old Frenchman has been on fire for the Parisian giants this season, scoring nine goals and assisting once in his opening ten outings. He is the team’s best player and is anticipated to lead them to European triumph for the first time in their history this season.

A video that has gone viral on social media of a young Mbappe wearing a Milan shirt has piqued the interest of Rossoneri fans, who hope to see the star Frenchman in black and red before the end of his career.

Fayza Lamari: Mbappe's Mum Shows Unflinching Love to Her Son, Says She Is Proud of the PSG Star

Lamari spoke with friends Nicola and Beatrice Riccardi, who were accompanied by their son Antonio Riccardi, who was one of Mbappe’s first trainers and pals, on page 12 of today’s Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Kylian told me that Milan were part of his plans, but at the end of his career,” the younger Riccardi joked about Mbappe’s feelings on Milan. He was, sadly, joking. Nobody, or almost no one, can afford him right now.”

Mbappe’s childhood and relationship with her son Antonio were described by Beatrice Riccardi.

“They would break knickknacks and paintings and hide them, pretending nothing was wrong.” Mbappé made up for everything with his smile. He’ll always be our Kylian.”

Antonio Riccardi recalled watching Milan games with the PSG star, encouraging him to support the club.

“I used to force him to attend all of the league games.” It was a great party for the 18th Scudetto, I remember. But I used to make fun of him by saying he reminded me of Dida.

“At the age of five, he was already stronger than me, a ten-year-old.” It was fun to coach him, and he scored whenever he wanted to win. He’s a die-hard football lover.”

What Mbappe has said about joining AC Milan amid Barcelona and Saudi Arabia transfer links

Mbappe’s childhood affinity for Milan was verified by Lamari.

“He is the son of athletes, but he has been rooting for Milan since the beginning.” He would only talk about Milan after he returned home. If Milan lost, he may hurl the remote control at the TV and curse in Italian.”

The group was asked about the video of Mbappe as a toddler wearing a Milan shirt. Nicola Riccardi started by saying, “We gave it to him because we called him little Robinho.”

Quando il piccolo Mbappé vestiva rossonero … - Pianeta Milan

His mother Lamari jumped in, recalling how he used to wear a variety of clothing as a child. “He wore it to the gym and even to bed.” But, like so many others, Real Madrid, France, PSG, and Manchester United are all interested in CR7. He preferred elite scorers, but he could also wear midfielders.

“We would never have believed it if they had told us fifteen years ago that he would be the star of PSG-Milan.” Instead, it is precisely what occurred,” Lamari said.




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