JUST IN: Toni Kroos has made his intentions clear Real Madrid amid Pep Guardiola interest and Man City transfer speculation

Two all-time greats who dominated their respective crafts during the same era.

Consider Pep Guardiola, the all-powerful manager who currently controls English football. Of course, winning a fourth straight Premier League title after a historic Treble would be extraordinary, but his past exploits at Barcelona and Bayern Munich had already elevated him to god-like status within the game.

Or Toni Kroos, Germany’s four-time Champions League winner who also won the World Cup. Few can claim to be superior to him in his era of midfielders, as he continues to dominate the Real Madrid engine room.

Manchester City look to land Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos on free  transfer - Paper Round - Eurosport

In Munich, the pair collaborated to win the first of Guardiola’s three consecutive Bundesliga titles. Given Bayern’s dominance in Germany, that was hardly his crowning achievement, but the lingering legacy outweighed the titles themselves.
Kroos emphasized the Spaniard’s influence on how football was played three years ago. Guardiola’s principles have left a lasting influence, much like in England, where even lower-league sides try to play out from the back or with inverted full-backs.

“In Germany, they were more interested in what happens in the boxes, defence and attack,” Kroos remarked in an interview. “When the ball was in the center, no commentator raised their voice.” We, the guys in the middle, didn’t really matter.

“He (Guardiola) was a pivotal figure in German football and in my personal life.” He made everyone realize how important control is. Many coaches and club officials came to witness his sessions and talk to him about his unconventional style of play. His primary priority was always the midfield.

“The perception changed as a result of his team’s football brilliance.” People began to perceive football and midfielders in a whole new light. He was a trendsetter for both coaches and fans.”

According to rumours, that love affair could soon be revived at Manchester City. The champs have lost their previous three domestic matches due to a bad run in recent weeks.

Ilkay Gundogan: Manchester City midfielder donates Premier League bonus to  childhood club | Football News | Sky Sports
Midfield has been a major source of concern, with Kevin De Bruyne and Rodri both out due to injury or suspension. Losing Ilkay Gundogan in the summer also led to a dearth of quality in the one area of the pitch where Guardiola’s teams have a monopoly.


Several media sites are reporting that Kroos, now 33, is a City target at the end of the season. The German’s contract expires next summer, and the prospect of playing in the Premier League under Guardiola could entice him.

His admiration for the City boss is reciprocated, with a 2019 interview hailing Kroos as one of the game’s “bravest” players. “Toni is a very intelligent, very brainy, and very calm player,” Guardiola remarked. When things go wrong, we often blame the players who appear calmer or more technical.

“However, these players are the bravest, with the most courage.” When things go wrong, the players who shout the loudest are the ones who hide. Toni, on the other hand, is the bravest of them all in the most severe situations.”

Pep Guardiola 'cannot deny' Manchester City struggled against 'aggressive'  Arsenal without midfielder Rodri - Eurosport

In a world where paying £100 million for a midfielder looks to be the norm, signing one of the best to ever do it – albeit in his latter years – could prove a masterstroke. But would Kroos come along? Never, ever say never… Who wouldn’t want to reconcile with their “best coach”?

“Pep wanted me to renew (at Bayern) but what would have been the point of me signing a five-year deal if the manager was off again soon?” Kroos went on to say. “He moved to Manchester City two years later, but we’re still in touch and get along great.” I’ll never forget how much I learned from it.”

“Ask the players at Bayern today, and they’ll tell you he’s the best coach they’ve ever had in a sporting sense, and they’ve had plenty of others to compare with.” That one year, I had a lot of fun playing with him.”


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