JUST IN: Bantams to appeal Emmanuel Osadebe red card at Grimsby as confirmed by Kevin McDonald after footage review and latest EFL announcement

Kevin McDonald announced that they will appeal the decision to send off Osadebe in the last minutes of Tuesday’s Football League Trophy match.

The midfielder, who scored in City’s 2-1 victory, is presently serving a three-game suspension in the competition.

However, caretaker manager McDonald stated that the club is willing to fight Osadebe’s cause.

“An appeal in the process of happening because we strongly believe it,” he added in a statement.
“What has happened is that the reports have been slightly tweaked, which I believe is common in these situations.”

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“There will be an appeal going in and we’ll see what comes of it.”

Referee Paul Howard ejected Osadebe following a scuffle that began when Grimsby defender Harvey Rodgers got in late from behind on Chishom.

As Osadebe intervened, Rodgers appeared to force Afoka face down on the ground.
He grabbed the Mariners player by the shirt and shoved him away, although first reports from the scene stated that Osadebe had seized his throat. That was not the case, as evidenced by video of the incident.

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“I’ve been on the receiving end of those, being in Manny’s position or the other center half,” McDonald added.

“What the referee and the fourth official say at the time, and then you get a report that’s a little bit (different), that’s the frustrating part.”

“We’ll see what happens with the appeal, but it’s certainly frustrating.”

“We don’t think it was a send-off.” Yes, it was the heat of the moment and I got a little carried away, but if that’s a sending off, there’s a problem.”


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