BREAKING: Arrigo Sacchi Sends two word message to Stefano Pioli with a clear warning to Milan board

Arrigo Sacchi seemed to have awoken on the right side of the bed, as he offered nothing but admiration for Stefano Pioli and AC Milan this morning. In contrast to a week ago, the former manager believes the Rossoneri were nearly flawless.

Following Milan’s hard-fought victory over Hellas Verona, Arrigo Sacchi remarked that the club was overly reliant on Rafael Leao. He went on to say that the Portuguese winger was preventing the Rossoneri from being a “collective.”

Sacchi, on the other hand, had nothing but praise for Milan in his post-match analysis for Gazzetta dello Sport this morning. Despite the fact that he assisted both goals, Leao believes the Rossoneri were more of a team last night.

Sacchi credits holistic approach for Italy's success | Under-21 |

“Milan, especially in the second half, bordered on perfection against Lazio.” An organized, combative squad in which everyone aided each other, the ball was constantly on the ground, there were no pointless long throws, and the departments were always connected to one another. And in these circumstances, even a natural talent like Leao exalted himself and gave his all. This means that when the team is running smoothly, the champions develop and may make a difference.

Sacchi a CM: 'Milan, con Pioli serve pazienza. In Italia ci sono allenatori  più bravi di certi dirigenti. Agnelli e Conte...' | Primapagina |

“At times, I felt like I was seeing the golden age of Milan; I’m referring to the Milan of my time, and I’m not exaggerating.”. Good pressing, overlapping, doubling of marking, and maximal concentration. “I must congratulate Pioli because he is constantly improving, and I must also congratulate his players because they were able to enthuse the San Siro crowd and those watching on TV,” he wrote.

As previously stated, the words may appear weird in comparison to those of last week. On the other hand, he arguably has a point in that when Milan plays as a unit, there is less pressure on Leao and he has more room on the field.

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