NORTH LONDON DERBY: “We’ll go out and frighten the living hell out of them” The North London Derby, according to Postecoglou.

Fans of Tottenham have been assured by Ange Postecoglou that the club’s strategy for this weekend’s North London Derby would not change.

Spurs supporters have grown accustomed to the team’s tendency, under Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, to stand back and absorb pressure from Big Six competitors.

However, the Postecoglou revolution has brought about a change in both tactics and mentality, with the Lilywhites now going all out against the opposition both at home and away, as they did in their victory over Manchester United earlier this season.

Postecoglou stated that his team will try to’scare the life out of’ their opponents when asked if Spurs would make any adjustments before an away match against Arsenal.

Tottenham’s first significant test under Postecoglou is expected to come in the North London Derby, while Arsenal will aim to maintain its lead over Man City in the alleged title fight.

This weekend’s derby game looks to at least be entertaining as Tottenham looks to end Arsenal’s unblemished start and vice versa.

In a recent Tottenham Fan Forum, Postecoglou stated, “In terms of the style we play, mate, we’re not changing. We’ll go out and terrorise them to death.

I’m quite aware of the [north London] rivalry, and you take that into consideration because it’s so important to the fans, he continued.

“As manager of Celtic, there was really only one outcome in which the fans were interested.

“Depending on how the Amazon delivery person carried the gift, I could always tell if he was a fan of the Rangers or the Celtics every time I opened my door! Either he threw it my way or he wanted a selfie! Thus, you are aware of that.

“I adore that; it’s part of the game’s appeal. It’s the zeal it inspires. People want to protect the idea that their football team is an extension of their family. They want to ensure that every week when they engage in combat, especially against our competitors, we triumph.

“This is a significant game and a tremendous test for our team, especially away from home. We have already faced many difficulties while travelling. It excites me, and I am anticipating it. That is the reason for what we do.

“We aim to compete in major events and succeed in our obstacles. We’ll travel there to play football and then see where that leads us.

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