JUST IN: An unexpected reference to West Ham appears on the Champions League flag of Bayern Munich fans.

Last night’s Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Manchester United featured a banner that Bayern Munich supporters unfurled, and West Ham United received an unexpected nod.

The banner displayed last night was nothing new; Bayern Munich supporters have frequently expressed their distaste towards UEFA on days when their team is playing in the Champions League.

West Ham’s inclusion in the Bayern fans’ letter to the body that governs European football, though, did raise some questions.

This season, the Hammers are participating in the Europa League.

Unfortunately, due to the actions of a small number of fans in Prague at the Europa Conference League final, our supporters will not be allowed to go to Freiburg on October 5th (talkSPORT). Bayern supporters have challenged UEFA for this decision.

Fans of Bayern Munich surprise West Ham with a shoutout on their banner for the Champions League match.
The cameras panned to the home supporters when Bayern hosted Man United at the Allianz Arena Friday night.

And any West Ham supporters watching the game would have been shocked by what they saw inside Bayern Munich’s stadium.

Now, it’s wonderful of the Bayern fans to think of us, but come on, the behaviour of a few people in that away end in Prague back in June was simply unacceptable. The fact that the majority of our fans behaved perfectly that night despite the fact that we haven’t been treated badly here is plain aggravating.

You cannot hurl cups and vapes onto the pitch of play and expect no repercussions.

What’s irritating about the whole issue is that, once again, the bulk of West Ham fans have had their experience spoilt by the acts of a small minority.

In support of the Hammers supporters who would have to miss the game in Germany next month, the Bayern Munich banner was raised.

But in my perspective, UEFA is not really to fault this time.

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