Exciting News: Kane’s €100 million sale to Bayern included a buy-back clause, according to Levy.

According to Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, Tottenham added a buy-back clause to the agreement that allowed Harry Kane to transfer to Bayern Munich during the summer transfer window.

As the England captain seeks to win some titles before his career is done, Spurs permitted Kane to leave for the Bundesliga over the summer.

Many people were shocked that he passed up the chance to overtake Alan Shearer’s all-time Premier League goalscoring mark, even though he was just 47 goals behind Shearer at the age of 30.

With the England star giving supporters an emotional departure video, Kane did hint at the prospect of a future reunion with Tottenham.

It’s not a farewell, he replied, since you never know how things will turn out in the future. I’ll be in touch soon.

And now, Tottenham chairman Levy has said that Spurs could perhaps buy Kane back in the future, according to a fan forum on Tuesday.

Levy originally declined to respond when a fan inquired if Tottenham had a buy-back option in Kane’s contract, but when host Nihal Arthanayake prodded him, he said: “Of course.”

Kane spoke about his time at Tottenham during the pre-game press conference on Tuesday before Bayern Munich’s Champions League match against Manchester United.

“I’m always keeping an eye on them and I’ll keep an eye on Tottenham for the rest of my life,” Kane said of Spurs.

“I’m incredibly pleased with the way my team is performing, and it’s wonderful to see the supporters enjoying themselves. I’ll definitely keep an eye on them throughout the season since they have a big game coming up against Arsenal on Sunday.

Before finalising his move to Bayern Munich, Kane was linked to Man Utd over the summer. He continued: “To be honest, obviously throughout the summer I know there were some negotiations between a few clubs in the background.

However, Bayern was a team I was very interested in, so once they arrived, there weren’t many other conversations.

My attention is here. I made the decision to move here and am quite delighted that I did, despite the fact that Manchester City is undoubtedly a terrific and very large club.

Kane doesn’t believe there is a “perfect time” to play Erik ten Hag’s team even though Man Utd has dropped three of their first five Premier League games with their most recent loss to Brighton on Saturday.

I’m unsure of the ideal moment (to play them),” Kane continued. Teams going through a hard patch may respond strongly, but we must always exploit the situation to our advantage and play with great confidence at home in front of our supporters.

“It’s crucial to get off to a strong start and put as much pressure as possible on the opposition.

We must be cautious since they pose some significant threats in addition to having players who can move quickly on the counterattack.

But ultimately, we want to strive to win, apply pressure, and perhaps wear down the opposition as the game progresses.

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