HUGE BLOW: Uncertainty looms as Boston Celtics may be willing to trade star ‘if resentment persist.

Following the front office’s failed attempt to trade the former Virginia Cavalier for Kristaps Porzingis, Malcolm Brogdon would be all but gone from the Boston Celtics “if resentment lingers”; before Marcus Smart ended up becoming the departing trade piece needed to complete the deal.

Cal Durrett of HoopsHabit said, “After eventually trading Marcus Smart, Boston has reduced its point guard rotation to Derrick White and Brogdon, but if his animosity persists, perhaps the Celtics will be receptive to trading him later. Even then, it won’t likely have an impact on his performance the following year, though there is still some worry regarding the injury that led to his passing his medical with the Clippers. On July 26, Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla said that a “healing process” was required between Brogdon and Boston.

“There is a healing process, there is a listening process, to see where we are at and where we have to get to,” said Mazzulla. We’ve had some discussions as a group, but we also acknowledge that the situation is what it is, and we will do our best to move past it as the healing process continues.

On The Celtics Beat podcast, Gary Washburn from The Boston Globe delivered a scary message on how Brogdon might choose to approach the recovery from his almost-trade from the Boston Celtics.

Washburn began by saying, “We’ll see how Malcolm (Brogdon) is,” and then added, “Malcolm’s the one I’m concerned about too, since we haven’t heard anything and he’s furious with the team. I don’t believe that the two parties have been able to communicate effectively. He may just state, “Listen, I’m not having surgery.” You’ll have to wait until I return; I’m simply going to let this heal. It might be a show of displeasure about the trade dispute.

One of the C’s strongest possible trade chips is Brogdon’s $22.5 million; it almost resulted in the acquisition of Porzingis, a former All-Star. Before the front office ever considers dumping Derrick White, he’ll be finished. This relationship might be ending sooner than one could have expected if he didn’t wind up in L.A. if he really is upset with the team and decides to protest during the regular season.


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