Breaking: Andrea Longoni lashes on pioli performance as he point out pioli weakness against Inter

AC Milan lost the major derby against Inter last night, and Stefano Pioli has been strongly chastised for his tactics. And, as Andrea Longoni pointed out, he demonstrated a key lack of self-awareness after the game.

The Rossoneri struggled to keep up with their city rivals’ counter-attacking style, which allowed them to find plenty of space after they beat the high press. As a result, the Inter attackers made life difficult for the Milan defense.

Andrea Longoni highlighted Pioli’s unusual post-match press conference responses in his recent commentary for MilanNews. Refusing to apologize to the Milan fans, he also stated, “I take 70 minutes with me” and “In the first four minutes, we’ll be fine.”

Andrea Longoni | san siro Uefa giovedi 6 novembre | kiloworf | Flickr

“Hearing the coach say, ‘I take the first 70 minutes with me,’ indicates a worrying underestimation of a game in which his team was overwhelmed.” Just like ‘We were the only ones on ball in the opening 4 minutes,’ which has already become a meme.

“A derby that is lost in that manner cannot be dismissed as an accident.” And, if you don’t want to apologize to the supporters because you didn’t lose on purpose (clearly, you didn’t), a little more self-criticism and awareness is required. “We remember Inter struggling more with beating Cagliari,” he wrote.

Milan will face Newcastle on Tuesday, and it is apparent that greater tactics will be required. Fortunately, Simone Inzaghi will not be captaining the English team on this occasion.

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