SWEET RHYTHM: COACH reveals his team’s Champions League strategy as he discussed pressing, a startling six% statistic, and a Dublin joke.

With Tuesday’s opening match against Feyenoord in Rotterdam, they will play their 37th match on the road at the highest level. They have only won twice out of the past 36 games, a win percentage of 6%, with no less than 29 of those losses. But hey, at least Brendan Rodgers, who is currently in command, was in charge when the most recent of those extraordinarily unusual triumphs was recorded. Furthermore, it is in the Benelux region. And, ehm, at least six years ago, roughly halfway through his first two-and-a-half-year assignment. But without a doubt, his two appearances in the Champions League were his best.

Not to mention that Celtic’s 3-0 victory against Anderlecht in September 2017 was also the last time they had ever truly won a match in that most punishing of venues for Scottish clubs, where they had only collected six victories in their previous 37 matches combined.

Regarding their bonanza in Brussels, Rodgers remarked, “It was a long time ago. “But it was a fantastic night and it was fantastic for the fans. In the Champions League, a lot of things must go your way for you to succeed. We have demonstrated [with the recent victory at Ibrox over Rangers] that we have that unity and commitment as long as we look to offer everything we have in the games, stay strong together and let everything show.

With that judgement, the Northern Irishman almost sounds as like he wants Celtic to be in the “hold on and hope to nick something” mindset. Here, a few variables might be at play. Rodgers acknowledges that he had to “grieve and move on” after suffering the club’s two most devastating defeats in European competition: the 7-0 loss away to Barcelona in 2016 and the 7-1 loss away to Paris Saint-Germain the following year. He mentions the sore faces these teams in that era inflicted on “better teams” than Celtic. To be fair to him, it was a time when the greatest destroyers, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Luis Suarez, and Lionel Messi, were in strutting form.

These beatings occurred over the course of two group rounds, where he was joined by Bayern Munich, Manchester City, and his squad, which drew both at home and away in incredibly creditable form. Rodgers back then and Ange Postecoglou the previous season both made largely fruitless attempts to compete with more talented athletes.

He was joined by Bayern Munich, Manchester City, and his team, who played admirably by drawing both at home and away, during the course of two group rounds. Rodgers at the time and Ange Postecoglou the season before both made largely futile attempts to contend with athletes who were more gifted.

Bayern Munich, Manchester City, and his club all joined him. Over the course of two group matches, they played admirably, drawing both at home and away. At the time, Rodgers and Ange Postecoglou both made largely fruitless attempts to compete with athletes who were more talented.

You must be knowledgeable about your pressure, he advised. “I believe that there are some things that you simply cannot get away with at that level but might be able to do so domestically. I’ve always liked it when a team wins, but you certainly need to defend, in my opinion. I believe that having a strong, aggressive defence that provides you freedom will improve your attacking. Actually, it has always been the attitude.

He recommended you to be aware of your blood pressure. “I think there are some things you just can’t accomplish at that level, but you might be able to do it domestically. Although I’ve always enjoyed it when a team wins, I believe that you must defend. I think having a good, aggressive defence that gives you freedom would let you attack better. Actually, the mentality has always been the problem.

When questioned about Postecoglou’s audacious plan for Celtic’s Champions League journey under the now-former Tottenham Hotspur manager, Rodgers had nothing but praise for it. Simply the impression that the 50-year-old is not inclined to copy it. “I was the same when I first arrived here,” he claimed. “You want to play an attacking game and impose your style. that is fantastic. You might adopt the attitude that no matter how well you play, you have a good probability of losing because of the calibre of the opposition. However, I always believe that trying to win is nice.

I simply know from playing against good players and also from my own development as a coach that although you want to be aggressive, press the game, and get in and impose yourself, there are some situations where the pressure needs to be educated. You might have a chance to perform better in terms of the outcomes.

That prospect is undercut by Celtic’s apparent lack of readiness for any demanding continental assignments in the near future. They don’t have any recently hired players who have settled in, and with Liverpool loanee Nat Phillips likely to team up with a centre back he hasn’t played with yet, defensive organisation won’t exactly come naturally. All Celtic supporters really want is for their team to finish third in Group E and go to the more competitive Europa League instead of accepting the Champions League prize money. Oh, and while they’re doing it, they’ll win a competition home game for the first time in ten years.

Naturally, Rodgers does not wish to “place limits” on his tournament goals prior to the start of play. He does, however, hint that given his focus on European football after Christmas, this scenario would have a lot of appeal. “You look at Rangers the other year, they did great, brilliant run, got to the final and were within a Ryan Kent slide of winning it,” he remarked. “Therefore, the possibilities exist. And Dublin hosts the championship? However, there is still a long way to go before that, so let’s see how we do.

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