Leeds United could be losing its spot: Former Leeds united owner Massimo Cellino has level allegations involving Andrea Radrizzani which cold cost Leeds United their spot and fortune

Despite the fact that Leeds United no longer has Italian ownership, Massimo Cellino and Andrea Radrizzani are brewing a new dispute that involves the club. At Elland Road, the former came before the latter, and this week in Italy, the 2017 transfer of power has come under scrutiny.

The Italian publication Gazzetta dello Sport published an interview with Cellino that somewhat holds Radrizzani accountable. Sport Witness’ translation of Cellino’s accusation that his successor has not timely paid off several components of their Leeds takeover arrangement appears to be the issue.

Massimo Cellino claims Andrea Radrizzani owes him money, Leeds United are  at the centre of it

According to the study, an old loan that must be returned in yearly installments is at risk. Since the 2023 one would not have been honored in time, Cellino and his attorneys were forced to consider a dramatic course of action: seizing Sampdoria’s stock.

According to a comment from Cellino, “Even in the past, punctuality was nonexistent, and now the 2023 installment expired on August 31. I spoke up, but I received no responses. I require that sum of money for my Brescia.If Radrizzani can’t even pay his previous obligations to Leeds, how can he purchase a great club like Samp to rebuild it? Something embarrassing.

Leeds United: Andrea Radrizzani remains in advanced negotiations to sell  club to American owners of San Francisco 49ers | Football News | Sky Sports

I must defend myself and Brescia, so my attorneys are investigating whether action can be taken against Sampdoria’s shares as long as they are held in his name.

It is usually messy, and it is unclear whether Cellino has a valid point with this claim. In either case, United supporters will be happy that none of the disputing parties is in charge of their team anymore.

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