BREAKING NEWS: Boston Celtics on the verge of landing NBA Goal Scoring G.O.A.T

According to Lake Show Life’s Jason Reed, the Boston Celtics landing the NBA’s scoring G.O.A.T., LeBron James, is a “real possibility.” The Cs would be the team to try to pry the “king” from Hollywood by picking his son Bronny in 2024.

“LeBron James leaving the Lakers for the Celtics is a very real possibility,” wrote Reed. “As previously stated, a lot can change between now and the NBA Draft in 2024. However, by using a backend first-round pick, the Celtics are in one of the strongest positions to entice LeBron away from the Lakers.

LeBron James falls out of top 10 in CBS Sports' annual NBA 100 player  rankings, but who's to say we're right? -

Boston owns its own first-round pick as well as the Golden State Warriors’ (top-four protected). That should give the team two selections in the 20s without a lot of roster needs to fill. If there was ever a club that could take Bronny just to get LeBron, it would be the Celtics.”

The offseason of 2023 may have paved the way for LeBron James to join the Boston Celtics.
Of course, nothing can stop James from signing as a minimum free agent anyplace in the league. However, the “king” is very concerned about his public image.

So, if the Boston Celtics are by far the best team in the NBA, he might think twice about joining both the Los Angeles Lakers’ blood rival and the one franchise that is synonymous with feuding with James regardless of the jersey he wears.

But here’s the thing: the 2023 offseason produced a bevy of “super team” level ensembles across the League. The Golden State Warriors added Chris Paul, a potential Hall of Fame floor general, to Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal, while the Phoenix Suns added Bradley Beal to Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal, and the Houston Rockets teamed Dillon Brooks and Fred VanVleet. I’m joking about the final one.

However, the league is returning to superteam formations, and if Bronny were to ship up to Boston, far fewer people would dispute a Celtics signing for James as they did “The Decision” to join the Miami Heat in 2010.

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