BREAKING NEWS: Newcastle United official announcement – Key information for NUFC fans travelling to AC Milan match

Newcastle United’s away game versus AC Milan is in seven days.

First Champions League match for the team in more than 20 years, with all away tickets sold out.

For Newcastle United supporters traveling to this AC Milan game, NUFC has just given important information.

Official notice from Newcastle United: Important details for NUFC supporters going to the AC Milan game on September 12, 2023:

The following crucial information should be noted by fans traveling to Italy for Tuesday, September 19,’s match between the Magpies and AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Start time is 6.45 p.m. local time, or 5.45 p.m. in the UK. At 4.45 p.m. local time, gates open.

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We advise fans to become familiar with the government’s travel recommendations for Italy. Supporters in need of assistance should dial +39 02 723001 or +44 20 7008 5000 (24 hours) to reach the British Consulate General in Milan.

You can also contact the British Consulate in Milan by visiting

Here is information on Milan for tourists.

Italy’s emergency phone numbers are:

911 Emergency services 112 Police (Carabinieri) 118
Fire Department: 115

It is a legal obligation in Italy to always have identification, and fans entering the stadium must be able to show passports. The use of photocopies is not permitted.

Alcohol consumption on Milan’s streets is strictly prohibited, according to local officials.

Before and during the game, fans are encouraged to stay away from the Piazza Axum near the San Siro. There are no other parts of the city that need to be avoided.

Milan is prone to street crime, especially pickpocketing. Supporters are urged to use caution, take reasonable safety measures, and make sure they have current travel insurance.

The nearest hospital to the San Siro is ‘San Carlo’ located in the west of the city.

The euro is Italy’s recognized currency.


Supporters are advised that passports must have been issued less than ten years before the date of entry to Italy (check the ‘date of

When traveling to the EU, passports issued before October 1, 2018, may have additional months added to their expiration date. Before traveling, supporters are advised to make sure their passports match these standards.


The history of San Siro stadium | AC Milan

Plan your route so that you get to the stadium no later than an hour before kickoff.

The nearest station to the stadium, San Siro Stadio, is on the M5 (purple/lilac) Metro line, and is just a short distance from the visitors’ entrance on “Via Federico Tesio.”

Since the cost is not covered by match tickets, transportation will require metro tickets. Before beginning a ride, tickets must be verified in a ticket machine, which are often located in the

Wheelchair users can use the Milan Metro. You may read more about the Metro system here.ON COMING TO THE SAN SIRO

The San Siro Stadio metro station is two minutes away from the designated entrance on “Via Federico Tesio,” where all Newcastle United supporters must enter. The location serves as a designated entrance for all out-of-town fans, where tickets, passports, and pat-down searches will be conducted. According to AC Milan, only authentic passports that exactly match the name on the ticket will be allowed. A driver’s license or copies or photographs of the required documentation are insufficient.


Children must be 16 years old to enter the stadium unaccompanied, supporters are reminded. every child

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