More Worries For Milan: Hernandez and Maignan also missing in France Training as Milan nightmare continues

Due to his ailment, Olivier Giroud had to return to Italy and missed France’s training session earlier today. Interestingly, a story suggests that Mike Maignan and Theo Hernandez were also missing.

Giroud left his left ankle in agony during the game against Ireland and has since gone to Italy to finish his recovery in time for the derby. He wasn’t the only Milan player absent from today’s France training, either.

Hernandez and Maignan were not present for today’s training session, according to RMC Sport. The full-back suffered a bump to his calf while the goalie had additional care in the medical area, but none of their injuries are significant.

Next up is the Milan vs. Inter derby, and Milan will need to play its best game to defeat the Nerazzurri and get three points. While the other two should be present for the game, Giroud wants to get back in time.

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