BREAKING NEWS: Leeds united board and fans base in serious jeopardy as police still under investigation after the arrest and jailed Leeds Fan

During a game against Leeds United, a pitch invader shoved Newcastle manager Eddie Howe. He was sentenced to prison.

During the Premier League match in May, David Derbyshire, a 35-year-old Leeds resident, challenged the Magpies’ manager after running onto the Elland Road field.

At Leeds Crown Court, he admitted to entering the playing area without a valid reason and attacking Mr. Howe. He was given a three-month prison sentence.

Additionally, he was barred from all competition for at least six years.

The court was informed that the incident took place with the score tied at 2-2 in the game’s 93rd minute.

Derbyshire entered the field before repeatedly tapping Mr. Howe on the shoulder, as seen in video played to the court. He was then seen speaking to him and pushing him in the chest before security personnel took him away.

Tim Capstick, a district judge, remarked to him, “You watched the football game at Elland Road as a fan. It is obvious that alcohol has been a problem for you for a long time because you had clearly consumed a large quantity before you collapsed.

You made the decision to get up from your seat, walk across the players’ area, and effectively assault Mr. Howe, the manager of the Newcastle football team.

“In my opinion, this case violates the rules and has a number of aggravating characteristics.”

Mr. Howe, he claimed, had been singled out “simply because he was the football manager of the team playing against Leeds on that match day,” making him “vulnerable” and a target.

The final match of the season, with everything that entails, Judge Capstick said, “Your behavior carried a potential of generating further violence or crowd unrest at the ground.

Even worse, because that game was broadcast, millions of people saw your behavior on national television.

“I am confident that these offenses are severe enough to call for a prison term.”

The defense attorney for Derbyshire noted that since his detention, his client had lost both his job and his partner and had health problems.

The message needs to be carried out that those who behave as you do should be aware they can anticipate a jail sentence, Judge Capstick stated.

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