SUNDERLAND BOARD MEETING: Chairman Kyril Louis-Dreyfus Letter to Fans

Should the Premier League be able to relieve such a weight, it will then fall on Manchester City, who will have to react and make an effort to relieve it. As a result, the standard of proof’s sliding scale will be fully applied here.

Advisors “must, therefore, make a note that the Panel’s final decision may be based on the weight of the evidence and the manner in which it is presented.”


The authors and Thomson Reuters Sweet & Maxwell have given their permission for these excerpts from the International Sports Law Review to be used.

Naturally, I emphasized that, in light of the situation, £10 million was actually a fantastic line of business. I was compared to the village fool and someone who was halfway in between. I still maintain that this was excellent business, though. Stewart was acquired for almost nothing, no one really thought much of him when he first arrived, and he is now out due to an injury.

Additionally, he was entering the final year of his contract and had no plans or desires to sign a new one. At the same time, we had already signed two strikers, and a third was on his way from the Ukraine. You’d be mad not to snag Southampton’s hand if Southampton offered you £10 million for him.

As soon as I mentioned that we were using Brighton as a model and that they were a little team with little success, I was ridiculed for lacking desire.

The fact that this small-time team defeated Newcastle the following day and is currently sitting in sixth place, just one win away from first, was, I’ll admit, especially delicious. You can call me unambitious and small-minded, but I’d call it success in a league where the best teams only try to buy their way to the top.

As supporters, we must constantly keep in mind that Sunderland’s owners have a long-term strategy and not just a quick cure. They prefer a club that can stand on its own two feet rather than one wholly depends on a wealthy patron with more money than common sense. Selling players will be involved in this. Due to this

Fans need to embrace this rather than just accept it.
I apologize for dragging this out, but I have no idea what the club’s and especially the fans’ genuine futures hold. On paper, our transfer window looked promising, but only time will tell if the new guys are up to the task.


I do, however, know that I am not the only one who feels unsatisfied with the alleged future plan. I’m yelling for someone in authority to explain. Are we certainly going to be a team that purchases young talent, contracts them for 4-5 years, and then sells them for a profit a few years later, spending the money?

Will we ever reach a position where we can truly retain the top players without telling the fans that they all have a price to pay? I don’t want to hear that, and I know that many other people feel the same way.
If getting bargain buyers in and then selling them on is the plan for next season, I will give it a lot of thought. How about our worries? Players shouldn’t succeed merely to be sold to someone else. They must stay so that we can continue to develop.


I get when people say, “Look where we are now compared to where we were two seasons ago,” but I just can’t accept

Will we ever get to the point where we can actually keep the best players without having to disclose to the supporters that everyone has a cost to pay? I don’t want to hear that, and I’m sure a lot of other people do, too.
I’ll give it a lot of attention if the goal for the upcoming season is to lure bargain purchasers in before selling them on. What about our concerns? Players shouldn’t achieve success just to sell themselves to someone else. They have to stay so that we can advance.


Even though I understand when others say, “Look where we are now compared to where we were two seasons ago,” I still find it incomprehensible that I

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