Leaked Details emerged between referee and VAR discussion during Burnley 0-3 Manchester City clash – FA set to investigate details and possible penalty.

The PGMOL has finally released the full transcripts of the on-field match officials and video assistant referees’ conversations during Manchester City’s 0-3 triumph over Burnley in matchweek 1 of the current Premier League season.

While the outcome of the match may have been a formality at the time of the event, the decision to dismiss Burnley’s Anass Zaroury became a huge talking point in the aftermath.

Referee Craig Pawson had initially issued the Burnley player a yellow card, but after an on-field review, revised his judgement before escalating the punishment to a straight red for serious foul play.

The full transcript involving match referee Craig Pawson and VAR Michael Oliver, as well as the voices from assistant referees and assistant video assistant referees on the night, has now been revealed as part of the discussion revealed on ‘Match Officials: Mic’d Up’ broadcast on Sky Sports and TNT Sports, as well as the Premier League’s social media channels.

‘Match Officials: Mic’d Up’ full transcript

Assistant Referee 1 (AR1): “Foul, foul, foul.”

Craig Pawson, the referee, says, “It’s going to be a yellow card.”

“Just checking the tackle Paws (Craig Pawson), just checking the tackle,” says VAR Michael Oliver. Please provide a point of contact for Mo.”

RO, Replay Operator: “Here’s your point of contact.”

Stuart Burt, AVAR: “Yellow card shown on-field, 19.”

“We’ve got a VAR,”

VAR, “We’ve got a straight leg there,” Oliver says. “Do you have a better angle?”

“I believe that’s red, mate.” Straight leg, keep an eye on the studs.”

“It’s Oli (Michael Oliver) here, and I’m going to recommend an on-field review for a possible red card by Burnley number 19.” Let me know when you arrive at the screen, and I’ll show you the best options.
“I want to show him that angle.” So, I’d want to begin at the point of contact and loop it, initially at full speed, sorry, initially at slow speed, but then I’d like to show him at full speed.”

VAR, “When you get there, Craig, I’ll show you the first point of contact.”

Pawson, REF: “Perfect mate.”

“I’ll then show you at full speed, and then I’ll slow it down to show you the contact again,” says VAR Oliver. As a result, this is the point of contact. And I’ll show you at full speed right now.”

“Run through it again, and I can show you the contact or show you at a different speed if you want?”

Pawson, REF: “No, perfect. Just show me another side view so I can see the contact on the rear.”

“OK, so he catches him straight on the back of the leg.”

Oliver, VAR: “Yeah, the first angle is the best one, the first one.”

The decision of PGMOL Chief Refereeing Officer Howard Webb

Howard Webb told ‘Match Officials: Mic’d Up’ that he was pleased with the process and the decision reached by the match officials assigned to Burnley’s match against Manchester City last month.





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